Karen (Dagupan City)

Since my college days, decades ago, I had been using organic soaps on and off.  With their steeper price (as against ordinary commercial soaps), these handmade goodies were a luxury to a full-time student like me.  Graduate school, and eventually an exciting career, didn’t really change how I used organic products.  They were luxurious treats that I would splurge on only on very special (meaning “rare”) occasions, like my first date with my future husband and our wedding.

I’ve been married for almost 8 years and have 2 very active sons.  But it was having a daughter (finally!) that started me thinking seriously of using organic products for my children.  My sons developed skin asthma 3 years ago, when we re-located to a province known for its humid weather.  Yes, asthma is in our genes but the hot, humid weather triggered the itchy, prickly-heat-like rashes to invade the young skin of my boys.   Our dermatologist advised us to use only Cetaphil Skin Cleanser for them.  Soaps (or as she described, “anything that foams-up”) and lotions were banned.  She prescribed Physiogel (to restore physiological lipids that are stripped-away by ordinary soaps and cause dry skin) and derma-prepared Desowen and Desonide creams.  Hence, we said goodbye to Dove and prepared our pockets for the long-haul.  Still, I refused to believe there was nothing better for my children.  Especially that, Cetaphil also caused my sons’ skins to dry up, despite regular use of Physiogel.  The medication didn’t prevent them from having “chicken skin spots” which I first mistook for ringworm.  They are not itchy, according to my sons, but they were irritating to look at!  Since no medication could fully address my sons’ skin problems, I had resigned myself to seeing their once flawless skin suffer scars from scratches that I can’t always prevent.

Then we became pregnant again! Having a daughter pushed me to look for answers elsewhere.  I was horrified at the thought that my daughter would have scars and blemishes because I gave up even before she was born.  I discovered ByNature from a friend around 2007.  I had asked her to buy the products for me then.  We moved and settled in the province in 2008. I had then stopped ordering ByNature from my friend because of the distance.  But, late last year, while on my maternity leave, I found a website of your reseller and had started ordering online.

I turned to your products for my children and found the best results since our problem began.  My sons especially love Golden Honey Oats.  They find it so fascinating that their favorite breakfast food, oatmeal with milk and honey, is also in their bath soap!  They fondly call it their Yummy Soap.  My sons also love your Cold Salve as they usually have clogged noses because of the weird weather nowadays.  They would ask me for a massage with Cold Salve whenever they have the slightest sniffles.  We had used Vicks Vapo Rub before for lack of any other cold rub.  But, my sons couldn’t tolerate the strong smell on their chest, so I would only give them back-rubs.  Now, however, they ask me to give them chest and back rubs and request for a smidgen of Cold Salve under their nostrils.  On the other hand, my baby daughter also enjoys organic products from your soaps and oils.  But I mostly love using White Salve for her nappy area.  White Salve is a really good alternative to Desitin being a moisturizer at the same time.

Needless to say, your organic products are more affordable and eco-friendlier than Cetaphil and a host of other medication our derma prescribes.  So thank you very much, Ms. Darlene, for creating ByNature Products.  You have saved moms like me from the worry and anxiety caused by our kids’ skin problems!  And, what a treat that you have given us products the whole family (in fact, the whole planet) can enjoy and benefit from.


Mary Anne (Taguig City)

Hi, Darlene! The first time I saw ByNature Products, I knew it at once that your products are the ones I have been looking for. A product that has all the NATURAL ingredients. Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by all the new products introduced in the market that has something to do with body and hair. Every time I travel abroad, I make sure that I bring home products which I thought would help me with my dry skin and hair. Often times, I end up buying the stuff which would supposedly answer my problems but turned out otherwise.

Honestly, after I have tried the first bar of your handmade soap at home, which is the Utter Bliss, I am convinced that I have already found the answer to my dry skin and hair. I use the soap for my hair with the vinegar rinse which you have suggested. I remember when I was younger, I tried “calamansi and gugo” to cleanse my hair and I would get compliments from my classmates about how my hair looked so shiny. Both, “calamansi and gugo” are natural cleansing agents. Of course, I also use the same soap (Utter Bliss) for my face and my body too. I haven’t even finished the bar and yet I have already seen a big difference on my skin. Before, after every shower, I would apply lotion immediately to keep my skin moisturized. Now, even on my hand, I need not apply lotion anymore because the soap has kept my skin moisturized. Another big difference I noticed, was when the “chicken skin” on my upper left knee has disappeared. I saw it when I was driving and noticed that the skin looked so shiny and when I ran my fingers on it, it was so smooth.

I must also give credit to your Moisturizing Oilotion. I intersperse the use of Utter Bliss with another variant, the Green Tea Escape (now Ol’factory’s Green Tea), whenever I have to take a shower at the Club after every badminton game. After which, I use the Moisturizing Oilotion to keep my skin soft and smooth. I guess the it also helped a lot because of its rich essential oils.

I am so excited to try the other variants as well. I can’t wait to try also the Strawberry Milkshake (now Ol’factory’s Strawberry) because it smells so yummy and the Dairy Bar because of its goat’s milk content.

Thank you for sharing your product with us. I know in my heart that a lot of people, including myself, will benefit from them.


Katet (Quezon City)

Hi, Darlene! I really love using your soaps! The first one I tried was the Milkenhoney (now Honey Mucho) and it really makes my skin smooth and soft! No need to put lotion after taking a bath! I’m now using Baby Blue and I love how it moisturizes my skin. It’s so mild that I even use it on my son’s sensitive skin. My mom uses Very Oatmeal for her skin asthma and she’s very happy that your soap works. The rashes on her arms disappeared leaving her skin smooth all over! The same thing happened to my friend’s son (who has skin asthma) when they tried Very Oatmeal.

It’s amazing how a bar of soap can cure skin asthma! Another friend of mine tried Icy Choco (now Ol’factory’s Peppermint) and he’s hooked! He loves how it keeps him cool after taking a bath and he just loves the minty scent! The next one he tried was the Citrus White and he’s happy that, aside from the whitening effects, it even cleared up his pimples! He’s going to try Utter Bliss and Mint Fantasia next!

It’s great that you came up with the Moisturizing Insect Repellent. It’s really effective and I use it on my son and myself. It’s good that, aside from it being an insect repellent, it also keeps my son’s skin moisturized. Plus the fact that it’s all natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals, I can reapply it on his skin as much as I want to because it’s safe to use. What a great product!

So far, everyone who used ByNature Handmade Soaps have great reviews about them. Who can go wrong with your all-natural products? I can’t say it enough.. I just LOVE your soaps!!! I can’t wait to try all of them!


Bless (Makati City)

Hi Darlene, I just love your soaps. You were absolutely correct regarding the Strawberry Milkshake (now Ol’factory’s Strawberry). I love the smell and it keeps my skin clean and moisturized. It was the 1st bar that I opened from the stash I bought. I have now been using it for around 2 months. I just came back from a facial and the technician who attended to me asked me my daily regimen because I had very little whiteheads/blackheads considering I have not been attending her sessions regularly. Of course I promoted your soaps. Hehe. Btw, I just opened the Icy Choco (now Ol’factory’s Peppermint). It’s perfect for the summer. Keeps me cool in this very HOT weather.

More power. I will definitely buy more soaps once I finish the lot that I bought!


Cristine (Baguio City)

I THOUGHT IT’LL LAST LONG IN THE SHOWER?!!… WELL, IT DOESN’T!!! … Of course it doesn’t… because I enjoy my Utter Bliss so much, I have all the excuses and reasons just so I could lather up every so often; I re-soap after my supposed final rinse in the shower because I love the scent so much; I wash my hands with the soap after I wash the dishes even when my hands are clean…to moisturize; I wash my hands before I play with my baby niece (instead of using alcohol, which dries up my skin), etc, etc. I enjoy it so much I’m tempted to try the other variants that I have, but my will power controls me from doing so… until this morning when I couldn’t help it anymore.

I had to try the Baby Blue. And… I love it! It has a very mild scent and a mild scrub as well. Oh well, so much for will power, hehehe! :D Anyway, the first time I learned of ByNature Handmade Soaps, I knew it was a good product. I felt honesty and sincerity in Darlene’s info on her site so I thought I had to try it for myself. No regrets. My mom’s using the Utter Bliss and she loves it, too.

Oh! Here’s another story from a friend who tried Strawberry Milkshake (now Ol’factory’s Strawberry) and Choco Latte (now Ol’factory’s Chocolate). She said since she started using her soaps, she’s been addicted to them and her puppy, Ginger, licks her feet as soon as she comes out of the shower! Hahaha! Ginger obviously enjoys the scent, plus the fact that they have a keener sense of smell; she knows it really smells nice or maybe even thinks it is actually food! Thinking about it, maybe that’s Ginger’s testimonial that ByNature Handmade Soaps were not tested on animals. CHEERS!!!


Soft Heels Without the Effort

Before I was into ByNature Handmade Soaps, I was worrying about my heels. They were becoming dry and were cracking, I think, coz they felt sore. I scrubbed it often and put lotion or petroleum jelly, but they were still the same. …Then came ByNature Handmade Soaps. I looked forward to every bath time. Then one day, I noticed that my heels were already soft. I actually forgot about it and forgot worrying about it, too. Thank you ByNature Handmade Soaps!


Feel fresh with Green Tea Escape (now Ol’factory’s Green Tea)

I love fresh scents that’s why I really enjoyed Green Tea Escape so much that it did not last long in the shower. I used it often (more than often pala) to feel refreshed and squeaky clean. A buyer just re-ordered another Green Tea Escape because she fell in love with it. She said it smelled good and it compliments her Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume. :p


I’m Sooooo Loving Citrus White!

I texted Ms. Darlene last night telling her that I really like the Citrus White… I never tried Citrus White before kasi every time I have stock, they were bought right away. It was ok though, since I had other variants to choose from. But just recently, with my last order, Ms. Darlene informed me that the ones that I have are the new bars with a new formula: loaded with more goat’s milk and thus are more moisturizing. Intrigued, I had to finally try it for myself… and it’s now my new favorite! Hahaha! I’m morena but I’m not really into whitening products, but give me anything fresh-scented and I will definitely try it. I’m soooooo loving Citrus White! It gives me more than just the fresh scent that I wanted coz it is truly creamy on the skin when lathered and is a whitening soap to begin with. I might consider using a whitening product after all… :p I feel like a 1st-time user… sobrang excited.


Weng (Quezon City)

(First testimonial)

Dear Darlene, This testimony about your products is long overdue. It is truly a blessing that I came across your website last December 2007 as I was looking for affordable yet practical Christmas presents for family and friends. My original intention was just to give them away as gifts and not to use them on my family especially my 3 kids (aged 8, 7, and a 6 month-old baby girl then) who have all been using a leading non-comedogenic moisturizing cleanser/soap since they were babies due to their sensitive skin. Since I gave out the gifts early, a male office mate approached me a week after I gave him the Green Tea Escape (now Ol’factory Green Tea) and asked how he could order more since his wife used the soap and loved it.

I decided then to try the soaps which I have not given out as gifts yet. I first used the same variant (Green Tea Escape) mentioned by my office mate. I loved and enjoyed the soap the first time I used it. It keeps your skin soft and supple yet it is squeaky clean. In fact, I believe it can save on water consumption since it is easy to rinse-off. The scent of Green Tea Escape leaves a soothing feeling as well. A few days after, I tried the Cocoa Butter Melt (now Butter Melt) which felt so smooth and creamy and leaves the skin a moisturized feeling. I decided then to inquire from you which soaps I can use for my kids, and on your suggestion, I tried Very Oatmeal and Milkenhoney (now Honey Mucho) on them. In fact on the first few tries, I was observing if there will be any rashes on my kids’ skin. I would repeatedly tell them to inform Mom just in case they will feel any itchiness from the soaps that I have tried on them. Of course, nothing happened to my kids. My elder daughter in fact told me that she feels so clean with the soap that I use on her and her skin feels as if she applied lotion on it.

The Choco Latte (now Ol’factory Chocolate)was also a hit with the kids when I told them to use the soap for washing their hands. Actually, in the beginning, they would wash their hands more often than necessary since they love the chocolatey scent and the wonderful lather. With your soaps, I can now save on the cost of the soaps I use for my kids (since the non-comedogenic cleanser they use costs about P330-350 each and doesn’t last long since it is quite soft and melts easily) and there is no worry that they will be allergic to it. In fact as long as your soap is air-dried, it can last as long as the commercial soaps but it still stays soft till the end. It took some time before I convinced my husband to use your soap. I purposely didn’t buy, during one of our grocery trips, his favorite Green Tea Milk Bath as I wanted him to give Green Tea Escape a try. On the third day of using the soap, he told me that I was right. The soap did feel soft and smooth on the skin. When he consumed the whole bar, he asked if I had other scents which he can use.

Your Moisturizing Insect Repellent is also very effective. I used to apply citronella oil on my kids but when I read in your website about the insect repellent you made for your son, I was curious to try it. Aside from the fact that it keeps my kids free from mosquitoes and other insect bites, the smell of the oil is also good and it keeps my kids’ skin moisturized as well. I actually apply it on them 2 or 3 times a day especially when they have classes, since there are a lot of trees and plants in the school where they go to, which could be possible breeding places of mosquitoes and other insects. I tried on my kids Baby Blue this morning and they noticed how mild the soap is and they love the delicate scent as well. I’m looking forward to using the new variants that you have. Thanks for coming up with such good natural products that the whole family can enjoy. More power in all your endeavors.


(Second testimonial)

Dear Darlene, Thanks once again for the souvenirs. I’m sure my daughter’s guests on her first birthday this Saturday will appreciate the soaps and inquire where I got them. Sent you this email because I just looove your Moisturizing Oilotion! I apply it on my damp skin after taking a bath and I truly enjoy how my skin becomes soft and smooth. In fact I even like its scent and enjoy shaking it in order to get the aloe vera gel at the bottom. Forgot to mention to you in my previous emails that there are several ByNature Handmade Soaps in our bathrooms. Yes, my kids and I have a variant for the day! I’m currently using Utter Bliss, Fair Geranium, and Choco Latte. I just use the soap variant which I’d like for a particular day. My kids however follow a schedule in using Baby Blue, Very Oatmeal, and Olive Beauty.

My only son’s favorite is Very Oatmeal. According to him, he can smell the oatmeal every time I use it on him. Actually, I think it is unscented but my son would say that it’s not because he could smell the oatmeal daw. My older daughter prefers Olive Beauty because, according to her, it is so mild just like baby soaps and she loves how smooth her skin becomes. My top favorite is still Utter Bliss. I love it’s heavenly scent and the refreshing feeling it leaves! My husband has tried other variants but his favorite is still Green Tea Escape. Aside from its scent, he likes the soft and clean feeling it leaves on the skin. More Power to your handmade soaps and other natural products!


(Third testimonial)

Hi Darlene! As promised, I am giving you a feedback on your new natural products. As you advised, I have been using for two weeks now, the Balm of Butter, on my 10-year old son’s dry and dark knees. Thanks to this new product, the dryness is gone and the dark knees have lightened as well. I apply it on his knees twice a day. I do use it as well on my two year-old’s insect bite which left a dark spot on her leg and the mark has lightened since I applied Balm of Butter on it.   It’s an extra bonus that when I open the jar it has a nuttly chocolate scent which reminds me of “chocnut”. My kids often see me sticking my nose inside the jar.

The Baby Salve is another effective product. I have applied it on my daughter’s mosquito bite on the forehead and I noticed that the swelling and redness has subsided. She does not scratch it, so I presume that it helped ease the itchiness as well.

The Lippy Pot Balm does prevent chappy lips and it does not feel heavy on the lips like the other lip balms. My two girls use it as well especially my two year old who calls it her “lipstick”. After I apply it on her, she would press her lips together and pout it afterwards as if it’s really lipstick.

I am yet to try the Soft ‘N Supple Oil Over .  I am sure it is a good and effective product. I am still consuming my half-bottle of Moisturizing Oilotion, which I love putting on the skin after every bath since it is easily absorbed by the skin and keeps it soft and smooth. I have been using it for more than a year now and this is truly a wonderful product!

Your soaps remain to be my family’s favorite. My kids love Olive Beauty, Baby Blue and No Bites Bar. My son still swears he could smell the scent of Olive Beauty although I always insist it is unscented. My daughter enjoys the scent of No Bites Bar because according to her it smells like citronella.   My husband still considers Green Tea Escape as his favorite while I personally love Utter Bliss, Baby Blue, and Lavender Treat.

The Moisturizing Insect Repellent continues to be a part of my kids morning and evening ritual. It is very effective against mosquitoes, at the same time it keeps their skin moisturized. It does not have that strong scent like the other insect repellents in the market.

I am glad to have discovered your products years ago. You will definitely get good value for your money. You’ll be assured that my family and I will continue to patronize your soaps and other natural products.

Warm Regards.


Maritz (Mandaluyong City)

Handmade Soaps for Life’s Mini Crises

Things have not been easy for the last two months. Life gave me a dose of “mini crises” and you know how these affect the body and mind. Topping the list of “mini crises” list is that my Urticaria came back! It’s the worst case of allergies ever! Just read its definition: Urticaria- A skin condition characterized by intensely itching welts with pale interiors and well-defined red margins; caused by an allergic reaction to internal or external agents, an infection, or a nervous condition. Imagine a map of the world all over my face, neck, ears, and arms. Argh! And they are so itchy that I imagine using a garden rake to scratch them with. Double Argh!!! I had it 5 years ago and I never thought it would come back.

First time I had it, the doctor gave me steroids for the first week and gradually decreased the dosage until the doctor replaced the steroids with an anti-allergy medicine which I took everyday for one-and-a-half-years. My Urticaria is idiopathic, which means cause unknown but triggered by food like seafood, mushrooms, eggs, dairy products. That was the diagnosis after a series of blood and urine tests. The good doctor also added that it was also caused by STRESS, STRESS, and more STRESS. And boy was I totally stressed that time because of so many life-changing events going my way. I lost 10 pounds during that time. I couldn’t eat regular food because most of it has preservatives. I can’t even drink a glass of iced tea served from a restaurant because it has preservatives and food coloring. Those were one of the worst times of my life. And now, after 5 years, Urticaria decides to visit me again! Ever since I was diagnosed with Urticaria, I became wary of the skin care products that I was using. My doctor told me to use Cetaphil for my face which I did but it is too expensive compared to the regular facial wash. The regular bath soap that I was using caused me rashes and it has been my choice of soap for the longest time now. I felt bad and so frustrated because of the major lifestyle changes this allergic condition brought with it. I can’t even use lotion—so just imagine how my skin became so dry!

This had me started browsing the internet for any skin care products that would not dry my skin because I cannot go on getting shriveled every minute without hydration at all! So I came across this website on handmade natural soaps; I checked the ingredients used and I was glad to know that there were absolutely no preservatives, additives or hardeners that could harm my skin. I immediately placed an order for several variants with Very Oatmeal as my first test soap. First time I laid eyes on the soap it looked really yummy to me. It brought back the times when my mother would cook oatmeal for me as a child. I had to remind myself this was soap and not some oatmeal dessert bar. Anyway, the soap works beautifully! It actually absorbs and removes surface dirt and impurities while providing very gentle exfoliation, leaving my skin smooth, soft, and clean. If I sound like a soap commercial I have to beg for your indulgence because that is exactly how it feels when I used the Very Oatmeal soap variant. It has no scent since its all-natural but I can really feel the creaminess of the soap and the soft lather—it gave me great comfort and I felt so safe it was just like when eating oatmeal with my mother by my side. Yup, oatmeal is one of my comfort foods and, now, it is also one of my comfort beauty regimens! Oatmeal has healing properties that relieves itchy skin which is perfect for my skin condition.

Very Oatmeal
Baby Blue
Very Oatmeal

Neva (Makati City)

I am amazed at the high quality of ByNature Handmade Soaps! My skin easily dries up so I have sworn off soap for some time. But I’m glad I tried ByNature‘s Golden Honey Oats and Strawberry Milkshake (now Ol’factory Strawberry) for the face. They are very creamy and don’t dry out my skin! They make my beauty and bathing rituals so enjoyable. I also look forward to bathing now with ByNature‘s Premium Bars, especially Utter Bliss! I must say they are the perfect companions to my own handmade brand. ByNature Handmade Soaps are indeed worth every penny!


(additional testimony from Neva)

Dear Darlene, I have to email you again because I would like to rave about your Moisturizing Oilotion! :) … First of all, the scent is just heavenly! It makes my eyes roll back from bliss and my mind goes into relax mode. I immediately thought that this oil would be great to sniff during stressful situations! I immediately applied it when I got into the car going home, and even with the hot summer afternoon, my skin felt soft and even refreshed! The aloe vera gel is a very nice touch because when it mingles with the oil in the skin, it has a soothing effect. I understand now why you call it “Oilotion”. Last night, I also had a full body massage using your oil and it was a blissful experience! And afterwards, I didn’t even need to wipe down with a towel. I let it seep in and after about ten minutes, no oiliness can be seen on the surface of the skin! It’s amazing and worth sharing to everyone I know.

Honey Mucho

Laida (Parañaque City)

Hi Darlene, 3 days already of using the Choco Latte (now Ol’factory’s Chocolate) soap – love it!!! Imagine, after years of using Dove (and all other soaps for sensitive skin), this is one soap that truly did not disappoint me. Even after almost a day, you can still feel that you’re soft and supple (at my age, that’s a big plus!!!). Hubby loves its smell on me as well :)


Jul (Antipolo City)

I was on the lookout for a good oatmeal soap because my daughter and hubby’s skin are sensitive. I came across ByNature Handmade Soaps and got almost all the fragrances. The first one I tried was Lemon Orange for my handwashing in the kitchen. At first I thought, oh it smells just like any handmade soap, but when I made a lather, it made the difference because it was really non-drying. It is better than the other handmade soaps I’ve tried and the Oil of Olay bar soap I was using to wash my hands because my hands get dry with the Olay bar soap. The scent is not too strong and not too mild. I am looking forward to wash my hands after every so often since then. I also tried it in the shower and had the time of my life relaxing with the invigorating subtle scent.

The next one I tried was the Very Oatmeal soap. I loved it because, like the first one I tried, it is non-drying and has the approval of my toddler and hubby. They have no allergic reaction to it and I think they have been using this soap for two weeks now. The next one was the Icy Choco (now Ol’factory’s Peppermint). I super love it because of the smell. My daughter thinks she is bathing with chocolate when we used this soap on her. She gets even more excited towards bath time. It smells so good when you enter the bathroom because the mild, minty, chocolatey scent filled the bathroom. My hubby likes it very much despite his meticulous taste in scents and soaps and not to mention, his skin. I can’t wait to try them all. All of the scents are really promising. Not too strong not too mild. Just right. I have very sensitive sinuses and, so far, these products have not made me sneeze yet. I encourage everyone to try ByNature Handmade Soaps to experience a little organic luxury that one deserves. I will never go back to my old soaps and shower gels again because I think this product is way better than all of them.

Very Oatmeal

Rina (Makati City)

(First testimonial)

10 Things I Like About ByNature Products

1. They are made by a mom who understands the needs of children with skin asthma. (What prompted me to try out the products was the fact that the maker has children with this skin condition. My daughter was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis a.k.a. eczema a.k.a. skin asthma when she was only three months old. She used a lot of anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic creams which were steroid-based and these caused discoloration on her skin. It came to a point that I decided that I did not want to apply these on her anymore. I am so glad a friend recommended ByNature Products to me.)

2. They keep my family’s – especially my daughter’s – skin healthy.

3. They are earth-friendly. (By using these products, I know that I am, in my own little way, helping Mother Earth.)

4. They are all-natural. (The products are made from natural ingredients and do not contain cancer-causing parabens and other things that harm the skin.)

5. I can proudly recommend them to others. (Because the products my daughter is using are very effective, I have recommended them to friends who either have skin allergies or have relatives who do.)

6. The soaps have so many variants to choose from and the scents are so refreshing.

7. The soaps are so matipid because you can use a half bar at a time AND if only a small piece is left, you can easily stick it to the next half bar and use it. Nothing is wasted!

8. Baby Salve is very effective not only for my daughter’s rashes but also for burns, booboos, and insect bites. (I think this should also be called the “All-around Salve”.)

9. Baby Salve and Baby Oilotion have replaced by daughter’s expensive anti-inflammatory cream and lotion and they are far more effective than their pricey counterparts.

10. ByNature Products make great gifts! (I have given soaps to my mom, sisters, sister-in-law and a friend in the U.S. who loved them.)


(Second testimonial)

My daughter, Danielle, was diagnosed with skin asthma (aka eczema/atopic dermatitis) when she was 3 months old. At that time, I thought such skin condition was something that was easily manageable. Boy, was I wrong! While Danielle had no food allergies she was however allergic to dust mites and worse…her sweat. Through research I learned that people with eczema have extremely dry and sensitive skin and because of this their skin becomes very itchy. So, to avoid this, I had to constantly keep Danielle’s skin moisturized. I also had to make sure that the soap and lotion she uses do not aggravate her condition.

Notwithstanding Danielle’s use of hypoallergenic skin products, which were supposed to alleviate the itchiness, she would still scratch and scratch and scratch. The scratched skin would then develop into a rash which makes her skin itchier. And thus begins the endless cycle of itch-scratch-rash-itch-scratch-rash. A lot of times she would have small cuts and bruises caused by too much scratching (she would even scratch while asleep). The only time she would be relieved from this endless cycle is when I apply a steroid-based cream. But it came to a point that I stopped applying this medicine because of the thinning of her skin (I think it’s called hypo-pigmentation).

Last February, an officemate told me about ByNature Handmade Soaps. Her personal experience in using Baby Blue (that it removed the itchiness on her skin) convinced me to try it on Danielle. I figured if this soap could alleviate itchiness, maybe Danielle would scratch less or even stop. If she does scratch less or stops scratching, she would not have rashes anymore. My officemate also suggested that I check out ByNature‘s website to see what other products Danielle could use. And so I did.

Upon your recommendation, I had Danielle use, alternately, Baby Blue and Olive Beauty (this replaced her Oilatum soap). I also bought Baby Oilotion (which replaced Physiogel Lotion) and Baby Salve (which replaced Physiogel Cream for the very rough, inflamed, and itchy areas of her skin). After two weeks of using the products, I noticed a marked improvement on Danielle’s skin. I also noticed that she does not scratch as much, and thus, her rashes are not as bad. I’m really glad I switched from the artificial and, I suppose, chemical-based skin care line of Danielle to ByNature Products. My ultimate wish and prayer is for her to be itch-free and scratch-free. I hope that, with the continued use of ByNature Products, I won’t have to wait that long.


Starrie (Caloocan City)

(First testimonial)

Hi Darlene,

This testimony is for No Bites Bar. I have two stories to share.

First Story:

I have a good guy friend who’s very prone to insect bites. He has also very sensitive skin. It is very evident with the huge insect bites and marks in his arms, locally termed as “pantal.” He also itches with some commercial soaps. Thus, he had to take extra precaution when using commercial soaps before. I introduced him to ByNature Handmade Soaps because I believe in the mildness yet effectiveness of your soaps. The variant that I let him try is No Bites Bar.

I can’t believe how effective the product is! (Of course, I just “interviewed” him on how the soap works for him.) Before, he used to scratch a lot while sleeping. It may be due to bed bugs or mosquitoes biting him while he’s asleep. Not anymore. Now, he has sounder and better sleeps. Thanks to No Bites Bar. Another evidence is, every other day, he exercises on the top floor (open space) of their condo building. There are a lot of mosquitoes in that area. Since using No Bites Bar, he hasn’t been bitten by mosquitoes anymore. Before, mosquitoes would come near and bite him while he’s exercising (without his shirt on). The funny thing is, there was a period when he got so lazy that he only soaped his upper body during bath time. Hence, mosquitoes bit his legs and feet during exercise, since these were not soaped with No Bites Bar. Yet, his upper body was insect-bite free. But after using No Bites Bar to bathe his entire body, he didn’t have any more insect bites.

My friend finished his first bar of No Bites Bar about two weeks ago and he’s temporarily using another soap. I’ve noticed that he once again has a huge insect bite on his arm.

I just want to highlight that the soap really delivers. Naturally, I had my own misgivings about the product at first. How could a soap repel insects when soap is something you just use to wash and isn’t something constantly on your skin. However, it’s just amazing that the soap works even after several hours from your shower time. As evidenced, my friend takes his showers in the morning and is more exposed to mosquitoes at night (during his exercise and sleeping time) but he doesn’t get bitten at all. Hands down, No Bites Bar is a great product.

Second Story:

I have a Siberian Husky at home. Before, our dog used Safeguard and Pantene for his bath ritual. Safeguard was used to remove all the dirt from his body; while Pantene was used to make his coat smoother and shinier, and make him smell better. The soap and shampoo were a combo because the other product can’t deliver results that the other one gave.

We tried the No Bites Bar on our dog about two months ago. At first, the house helper reported that he was losing more coat. But after two or more times, our dog was already adjusted with his new soap. Not only is his bath time shorter with No Bites Bar, we also save on more water, soap, and shampoo (ultimately money!). Imagine, our dog consumes 12 sachets of shampoo in one go! With No Bites Bar, our dog gets to be clean, and at the same time, maintain the shine and smoothness of his coat, while still smelling good! … We would never go back to Safeguard and Pantene for our dog any more.

…No Bites Bar is really amazing!

Starrie Sun


(Second testimonial)

Hi Darlene,

I would like to share with you another experience I have in using your soaps. If you can remember, I have keratosis pilaris, or chicken skin, as we commonly know. It is by accident that I discovered your soaps December of last year. And if you can recall, I’ve had my share of ups and downs during this year on my journey to making my KP a little bit better. If you could remember, I did not exactly have a smooth sailing “journey” with your soaps.

I tried the Baby Blue soap, upon your advice. But in the middle of using it, I’ve had some allergic reactions, That was the first time that my arm skin really flaked and got so rough. Anyhow, I’ve really had a roller coaster ride this year with trying out different soaps, moisturizers, and products for my arms, to make my skin better, smoother, and more normal.

If you could recall again, I even went to the derma and she advised me to use Physiogel creamer. Being the silly girl that I am, I bought the product and tried it. I had to finish the whole bottle because I didn’t want to waste the money I’ve spent in purchasing the product. But I soon realized that Physiogel is NOT better or even good. I didn’t like it. I’m not so good in describing things and explaining in words how products work for me. But I know that Physiogel didn’t do my skin any good because I felt that my skin was drier, rougher, and bumpier.

Sticking to Baby Blue

I then promised myself that I would never use anything else other than Baby Blue, or your soaps for that matter (but I’m still unsure whether I should really try your other variants for my arms). So far, I’ve stuck to Baby Blue for over a month now and I must say that I’m seeing improvements with my skin. It is now less bumpy, and more moisturized. Of course, using a good moisturizer also helps a lot.

I wouldn’t really say that I am 100% satisfied with my skin now, because I wouldn’t deny that there are still bumps and I still have chicken skin, I don’t think it will ever go away. I think what I can only do is make it better. But I would say that I am 100% satisfied with the products I’m using for my skin. They are really my partners and saviors. They help improve my skin.

And you know what, because of my severe KP before, my arm’s skin color is uneven. I don’t know how to exactly term the uneven skin color I have, because it’s different. But the closest I could get to describe my arm skin color is “madaming patche patche.” There are many patches of darker skin, something like having huge freckles on my arms. My arm skin is not exactly dark, but the patches make them look darker. And my left arm is fairer than my right. Meaning, my right arm has more uneven skin tone.

While using Baby Blue, at first I was getting quite frustrated that my skin is not getting even. But just about 2 weeks ago, I scrubbed my arms well while taking a shower. And I immediately noticed afterwards that the uneven skin color has slowly faded. I must say that my right arm’s skin tone is better now. I hope it gets even better after continued usage of your Baby Blue soap.

Overall, I would say that Baby Blue has helped me in a lot of ways. I can glide my hands SMOOTHLY through my damp arms after taking a shower. This wasn’t possible before. Before, my arms felt dry even on damp, and supposedly moist, skin. (Ironic statements, aren’t they? But true.) Baby Blue has helped me gain confidence and self-esteem. I’m happier with my arms’ skin now, and less stressed with it too.

By the way, I should also share with you another experience. Your soaps are really great because it helped remove the seemingly irremovable indelible ink I had on my index finger. Half of my index finger was covered with ink, and I couldn’t really remove it for weeks, no matter how I tried. I’ve tried different soaps, brushing my finger with a toothbrush and scotch brite, using alcohol, using detergent, and simply scrubbing my finger with water. But nothing seemed to work. Since at first I was only using Baby Blue for my arms and legs, and another soap for my chest and back, there was only little exposure of my hands to your soaps. But starting May 29, I started using Citrus White for my chest and back. Therefore, I was entirely using ByNature Handmade Soaps for my body, and hence, more exposure of your soaps for my hands as well.

In a few days’ time, I noticed that the indelible ink in my finger was slowly fading away. True enough, after two weeks, my finger was completely clean and free of ink marks. I am truly amazed. And I could really attribute the fading to your soaps because I have two friends who have the same dilemma as I, and until now, their fingers are still covered with brown ink marks. One of them does her own laundry but even so, the ink marks are still there. Your soaps are truly amazing.

Lastly, I would like to share that your Citrus White is doing wonders for my chest and back. If you can again recall, I have chest and backne. But Citrus White has really helped lessen and flatten my acne. My acne is not 100% gone, but I’m getting there. I’m happier with how my skin is doing. Additionally, since my back is really oily, I used to soap my back twice before I can get all the dirt and oil out. But now, I only have to soap my skin once during bath time. Your soap saves me time. And I wasn’t expecting Citrus White to help in my acne problems. What more can your Lavender Treat or Just Tea Tree do for me?! Amazing. I will finish my Citrus White, and I will definitely use Just Tea Tree afterwards.

There, those are my new experiences with your soaps. I’m not the type of person who will share a testimonial just for the sake of doing so, neither am I the type to sugar coat words or to make up stories. If you also noticed, it is only now that I’ve really made a testimonial about Baby Blue even if I have tried it for several months (on and off) already since it is only NOW that I am noticing the soap’s efficacy. I’m sharing these experiences because I am truly satisfied with your soaps. …

Starrie Sun



Christine (Bacolod City)

Hi Ms. Darlene!

I first came to know about your soap when I read an article about you on The Philippine Daily Inquirer dated October 10, 2009. Because I was fascinated by your story and intrigued about your products, I checked out your website and even added it as one of my favorites.

To be honest, I never had a problem with my skin when I was younger. My friends even praised me because I have good skin, but that all changed after I had my daughter. I started to develop rashes on my face particularly my forehead, was prone to breakouts and developed “chicken skin” on my arms. Of course, since I have not been used to having problematic skin, I was completely horrified! I even tried going to a known dermatologist in our province but to no relief. I did, time and again, check your website, read other people’s testimonies, but the skeptic in me prevented me from making any purchase. Afterall, we live in a society that believes that imported and branded products are far better and more effective.

I have tried known brand skin care products in the market but was just a complete waste of money! Only last month, I decided to make a purchase through your reseller. I guess I was sooooo desperate that I would try just about anything just for my skin to go back to it’s glorious state! Anyway, I am completely amazed how immediate the changes were! My skin became soft and supple. A week after I used Citrus White on my face, the rashes were gone and my sun spots were slowly fading. The “chicken skin” on my arms have become finer and have reduced significantly using the Very Oatmeal bar. My daughter uses the Baby Blue bar and her rashes were significantly reduced too! I have yet to try the Olive Beauty and Utter Bliss bars as my shampoo and do vinegar rinse, but I’m already convinced that they’ll be as effective!

Thank you, Ms. Darlene, for sharing with us your product. You made me become more conscious in deciding which products I should use for my body, and that is to use natural products! I have read somewhere…a funny but great advise to everyone to “Avoid products containing ingredients that a 3rd grader cannot pronounce”!

More power and God bless!




Arlene (Quezon City)

I set a goal to discover and switch to personal care products that are all-natural, eco-friendly and chemical-free. In my personal quest to live a more sustainable lifestyle, I searched the internet for good locally-made products and tried all that I could get my hands on. Throughout this search, there was one thing that remained elusive, and that was finding the perfect soap. This was until I discovered ByNature.

Here are the 10 REASONS why I think ByNature Products are the absolute best!

1. Attractive and appealing.

Let’s face it. We judge everything through its packaging. Marketing style can affect the way we perceive any product regardless if it’s effective or not. I first came across ByNature through their website and instantly I got curious and excited to try it. Just by reading Ms. Darlene’s short yet enticing descriptions, I could almost experience the lovely products. The first thought that entered my head was that, wow, the soaps look really yummy!

2. Easily accessible.

ByNature [sells online and also through resellers and establishments]. Their user-friendly website shows the details and benefits of each variant plus other useful information. The website is extensive and always up-to-date and I find myself checking in at least once a week. In here you can find a directory of all ByNature resellers. It’s just a matter of picking a reseller that suits your preference and location.

3. Impeccable service.

I’m lucky I found a very nice reseller…she made my ByNature experience extra pleasant. She has her own website which is always helpful. She’s also only a text away. Plus, she offers free shipping (with very minor conditions)! Orders also arrive fast, usually in a day or two after payment. This reseller is actually one of the easiest I have dealt with because believe me, I’ve tried many products and have transacted with different personalities. Bad service can really push you not to buy even the best product.

4. Practical and inexpensive.

What I love best about ByNature soaps is that it’s the most affordable in its product range. Contrary to others’ opinion of ByNature soaps as “slightly expensive”, I actually found it more practical in terms of price per gram compared to other soaps I’ve tried. First, the size does not disappoint. When I received my first package, I was surprised to find it very heavy. And to think that other soaps I’ve tried were pricier yet smaller! ByNature soaps are also fairly long-lasting as long as you handle them properly. A bar should last you for at least 2-3 weeks of twice-a-day looong showers.

5. Indulging…

Since using ByNature soaps, showers have easily become a highlight of my day. My baths have become more soothing and comforting thanks to the ultra moisturizing properties of ByNature soaps. They just have a creamier texture once it touches the skin but, surprisingly, there’s no slippery residue after rinsing. A bit hard to believe but your skin will be squeaky clean and moisturized at the same time. Sometimes I don’t even need to use lotion after bathing, and yet my skin stays hydrated even in an air-conditioned room. It’s also mild enough to be used as facial wash which I actually do everyday. I don’t think I can do it any justice simply by describing it. Trying it is an absolute must!

6. …yet guilt-free!

It’s hard to imagine at the beginning that ByNature soaps are all-natural when its benefits far outrun commercially available “moisturizing” soaps. Another admirable quality is that Ms. Darlene discloses ALL of the ingredients. I like that the buyers are empowered to make a choice and are enlightened about the differences between various components.

7. The real deal!

Other all-natural soaps claim many benefits but most fail to deliver. What is great about ByNature soaps is that they personally work for me (“hiyang”). One of my favorites is the Citrus White variant which I used to get rid of post-beach tan lines. Results were noticeable in about 2 weeks and other people were even complimenting me about my complexion. Overall, my skin didn’t look unnaturally lighter but glowing and healthy. My other personal picks are Minty Rosemary for a refreshing after-gym shower and Green Tea Escape (now Ol’factory Green Tea) to uplift my spirits after a stressful day.

8. Fun factor.

Choosing which ByNature soap to try and use can be a source of fun and excitement. They are definitely a far cry from the cliché “natural soaps” that look drab and smell earthy. There’s a wide variety of soaps to choose from—different scents, ingredients, properties, etc. I myself have not tried all of them so I still get excited each time I order or open a new bar. What I love to do is alternate different variants depending on my mood or skin dilemma. I just cut a piece from my chosen bar then switch to another when it’s all used up. It’s fun and economical too!

9. Wide-ranging products.

I’m glad ByNature developed a line of 100% Natural Products because it provides more options for natural product addicts like me. I’ve tried their Sunblock Away and, I must say, there is no turning back. This is a much better alternative, I think, with its competitive price. It’s also effective and moisturizing, plus the smell is divine. I also use Moisturizing Oilotion which I like to apply before going to bed, for a peaceful sleep and a soft and silky feeling the morning-after. I hope Ms. Darlene continues to expand this line and add more products in the future.

10. Cares not just for the body.

It’s great that ByNature shares my personal advocacy for the environment through eco-friendly practices. Patronizing ByNature products is just the first step in living a sustainable lifestyle. The best way to uphold this is, incidentally, by spreading the word and sharing the good news, like what Ms. Darlene says. So far, I’ve already encouraged some family members and friends to switch to ByNature, and they are also happy with the results.

Thanks, Ms. Darlene, for giving us this PERFECT 10 brand! Cheers to many more years of lovingly made body products! I hope ByNature Products will be here to stay for many generations.


Anne (Quezon City)

Dear Ms. Darlene,

People would always notice my skin and say I have nice skin -‘makinis’ and I guess most people would be biased towards fair skinned Pinays like me. I never thought of really taking care of it though and my regimen has been very simple. Not until I had my first eczema flare up in 2007 did I start really becoming conscious on what I put on my skin.

I’ve been to a Top Dermatologist at Makati Med and nothing helped – mainly topical steroids that could be very bad in the long run. My last result was to go to a Top Allergologist and had myself tested and the results were surprising and really sad – I’m allergic to oatmeal (of all things!), perfume (the culprit- the one that caused my first attack), strawberries, sea food, dust mites, and insect bites like mosquitoes. He said that it might be a manifestation of asthma since I had one as a kid.

My allergologist advised me to stay away from these and always have antihistamines on stock. He also advised me to use white unscented soap (Dove in particular), which was fine with me since I’ve been using Dove/Caress since I was a kid and my skin was beautiful then.

I remained a loyal user of Dove/Caress until I experienced extreme dryness in 2008. I experienced very itchy legs, even putting lotion did not help, and extreme Keratosis Pilaris. The scars are still present up until now. My OB-said it’s also hormonal since I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and overweight.

I researched on what could be causing the dryness and found out that it may be synthetic ingredients on what I have been using also.

I found out all about using natural products and found out about your soaps.

I remember my first bath with Olive Beauty – and the feeling was unforgettable! I actually felt moisture seeping and calming my skin! And I never looked back then. Believe me, I went back and bought 12 bars of different variants.

I’ve been using your premium bars, goat’s milk bars, particularly Strawberry Milkshake (now Ol’factory’s Strawberry), Cocoa Butter Melt (now Butter Melt), and Milkenhoney (now Honey Mucho).

Your soaps saved me from itchy legs and really calmed my KP (keratosis pilaris).

What really inspired me to write you this time is my recent experience with Strawberry Milkshake. My face only responds to Caress (peach) and Dove unscented ever since I was a kid and I was scared to shift or use other products. Lately, the dry patches below my cheeks, which I had since 2007 from my first flare up, became worse. The dry patches developed into rashes and even putting Physiogel AI did not work.

A crazy thought just occurred to me to use your Strawberry Milkshake bar since I’ve been reading how goat’s milk might help. Surprise, surprise! After one use, the dryness was gone and the rashes started to disappear! I am so grateful and so, so happy!

I have loved Caress and Dove for a long time… and it took your soaps for me to convert!

Thank you so much for these wonderful creations and I wish you all the best!

God bless you, your family and your business.

Warm regards,


Karen (Quezon City)

During the first trimester of my pregnancy years ago, I began to develop skin asthma. I thought that it was just my body reacting to my son’s Y chromosome and the skin asthma would go away as soon as I give birth.

Boy, was I so wrong!

I have been battling skin asthma ever since. It seemed like everything triggered it, chicken, eggs, heat, my period. It was so frustrating! I tried every “gentle” and “hypoallergenic” soap and lotion I could get my hands on but none of them worked. It seemed that the only way to alleviate the itchiness was to spread some steroid-laden ointment.

It was beginning to scare me because I did not want to be dependent on steroid creams all my life (not counting the side effects).

Just when I lost all hope, I saw a box of ByNature Handmade Soaps cards stuck on the bulletin board at my son’s pre-school. I was so intrigued because it said that it could help people with skin asthma.

I did not have internet access at that time but I immediately wanted more information so I inquired via SMS.

You were so very accommodating, Darlene, because you replied at once and recommended Baby Blue and Baby Salve.

I checked your website when I got home and was able to get in touch with a reseller to order a couple of Baby Blue bars and a jar of Baby Salve.

I tried the soap right away.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I felt relieved of the itchy symptoms on my body within three days from using the soap!

When I began to feel itchiness around my eyes (think it was the cream that was used when I had eyebrow threading), I used the Baby Blue soap on my face too. The itch……. gone in two days. AWESOME!

And the Baby Salve! It is the most amazing “cream” I have ever tried. I feel an itch, I spread some Baby Salve and presto, the itch miraculously goes away.

I was so blown away by the results of Baby Blue soap and Baby Salve that I told my co-worker (whose daughter had severe skin asthma) all about ByNature Products. It was easy to convince her because I was living testimony! I saw her daughter recently since she began using your products and the results are remarkable. Her skin looked great.

Of course I could not contain my excitement about the soaps and Baby Salve that I have been telling everyone at my office about it. Now, my whole department is hooked on your products! They use the Baby Salve on everything (itch, pimples, dry skin) and are so amazed. Can you sell in bigger containers?

I did not stop with the soaps, mind you. I am also using Facial Oil In One and Soft N’ Supple Oil Over. Threw away my old facial cream and lotion. Your products are a whole lot better and all natural too.

I have also begun using the Moisturizing Oilotion and Sunblock Away on my kids. They love it too!

My husband has his own set of soap variants (Citrus White, Olive Beauty).

Thanks, Darlene!


Mariel (Makati City)

Loving your Own Skin

“Would you like Icy Choco (now Ol’factory’s Peppermint), Choco Latte (now Ol’factory’s Chocolate) or Very Oatmeal?” piped my friend and colleague, one afternoon. I knew she was not talking about food, but soaps. And hoping that she’s asking what we would like as our Christmas gifts at the same time!

That was one fateful day when I saw her looking at the ByNature Online, which turned around my life for good.

In 1993, I was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. Rashes came and went, always leaving tiny brown maps of islands, every time there was a drastic change in our temperature, which happened quite a lot! I was told that I can no longer use regular soap on my skin, lest I wanted to discover new continents out of those islands that tend to find bridges to each other. Having dermatitis and being a keloid former is a deadly combination for anyone’s self-esteem to go down the drain. So my mom and I obliged.

My mom was a teacher and my dad was a policeman, and I was the youngest in a family of five. Up to this day, I am truly amazed how they were able to send us all to the best universities. It was a bit of a stretch to bathe with a special liquid soap. Even more so with the tiny tubes of topical steroids that cost an arm and a leg, parts where they ended up on as well. I earned a lot of points in my Mercury Drug Suki Card, and was on the pulse for every price hike of Cetaphil. I have also tried and tested almost every lotion out there. Heck, I even tried after shower oils, but after slipping on the bathroom floor several times, I decided to stick with lotion.

Zooming back again, the dawn of locally produced (which also meant cheaper) organic products, I decided to give ByNature Handmade Soaps a try. I had my qualms as my other organic soap could not hold its shape for long, and seemed to lack that oomph in the shower.

My first ByNature Handmade Soaps was Icy Choco and it remains my favorite bar to share to those living under the organic rock up to now. My morning and evening showers have never been the same since my first ByNature bar. It awakes my senses knowing that I’m using something pure and natural on my skin, that I’m doing something good for myself. The scent and the lather are a welcome bonus. My nephew, Jonah, even says that the bathroom smells like candy after my brother uses Icy Choco (this variant is also a hit with men!). There were days that I would forget to put on lotion afterwards, especially when I splurge on the premium bars – Utter Bliss being my favorite for that spa in the shower moment. And with or without lotion, my skin is shouting a big ‘Thank You!’ and ‘Finally!’ to ByNature Handmade Soaps, because the only continents that I now see are in globes or in Google Maps.

It has been years and ByNature Handmade Soaps have been my signature Christmas, Birthday and ‘Please try this, believe me you’ll love it’ gifts. I’m in my 30’s and I truly love the skin I’m in because of ByNature. And this is the gift that I will continue to share with everyone, one soap at a time.


Ella (Makati City)

Hi.  I get your soaps from a friend of mine.  At the outset, I thought — “ByNature is just one of the many organic soaps on the market.”  But when I tried it, I realized that it is not your run of the mill type of organic soap.  It is truly special.

I ordered several dozens and gave it to my friends.  I’ve had many inquiries as to where they can get your soap and I have referred them to your website.

I love your soaps!  They are non-drying.  My son and hubby, who were loyal Dove and Safeguard users, now cannot live without Baby Blue and Minty Rosemary!  They said that even if they do not use lotions on their arms and legs, their skin never goes dry, IF they use your soap.  My daughter meanwhile is also a convert.  Your Strawberry Milkshake (now Ol’factory’s Strawberry) is her favorite.  As for me, I love everything!  But my favorite is your Dairy Bar.

And oh, I now cannot go anywhere without your Lippy Pot Balm (I have stopped using Badger) which I use for my lips and my cuticles, and your Disinfect It! Spray.  I love that I can use it to clean the toilet seat when I go to public toilets, and at the same time, use it on my hands as it’s non-drying.  I also use your Baby Salve for cracked heels.

What I am trying to say is…I just LOOOOVE your products!  Thank you so much for creating them for us.