Ol'factory Bars

My interest for all things safe and healthy has grown with my family and, being a mother of three, going all natural is one of the best ways to ensure their good health.

When it comes to what I do, I continue to practice what I believe in. For almost two decades now, I have been producing thousands of handmade soaps, all of which are safe and natural – all moisturizing and lathery, some scrubby, and others, oh-so fragrant! But through the years, I have learned and accepted the fact that one soap maker can never satisfy all types of consumers.

I wanted to face that challenge.

That was when Ol’factory was born, with a concept of an “old factory” that is all about making scents.

Ol’factory will address one’s search for fun, enticing, and aromatic bars, to be enjoyed and relished during showers while leaving the skin smooth and healthy.

This line will focus on providing soap lovers a wide array of scents to choose from without sacrificing quality and the importance of being all-natural. With this said, I maintain a natural level of 96%.

The fragrances selected are meant to bring nostalgia of childhood days (like Vanilla and Chocolate) or create new, fun memories (like Caramel Apple and Sea Breeze).

Treat and pamper yourself during every shower while enjoying the wonderful variants Ol’factory can offer!

~ From the maker of ByNature and Ol’factory


Almond 130g

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Caramel Apple

Caramel Apple 130g

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Chocolate 130g

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Citrus Verbena

Citrus Verbena 130g

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Fresh Bamboo

Fresh Bamboo 130g

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Green Tea

Green Tea 130g

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Herbal 130g

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Lime Rose

Lime Rose 130g

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Melon 130g

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No. 21

No. 21 130g

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